Being asked often about where to find the lowest priced Norton Antivirus renewal made me come up with this article. Symantec offer a renewal by credit card that is often too pricey for most people. With Norton Anti-virus being a capable product, it’s a shame to uninstall it so here are a few tips to … READ MORE

Lowest prices on Norton Antivirus renewals

These are the instructions to follow when renewing the licence on Kaspersky Internet Security. I’ll presume that you have a new licence key to hand from a recent version and that the product is the same (eg not Kaspersky Pure etc). If you don’t have a new licence yet, you’ll find them for sale at … READ MORE

Kaspersky Internet Security licence renewal instructions

I’m frequently asked by customers how to get the cheapest renewal price on Norton 360.  Symantec’s renewal price is really one of the highest for any Internet Security product.  It is a capable package though and worth keeping on your PC. The best way by far is to purchase a new fully licensed program at … READ MORE

Cheapest Norton 360 renewal

Since I am getting a lot of questions on where Kaspersky Pure has gone and how to upgrade, I’ll try to clarify a few things. Yes, the main website has now dropped Pure as a product, seemingly without notification. The localized websites (such as etc) have followed too. It seems that Kaspersky Pure … READ MORE

Kaspersky Pure replaced by Total Security

The owners of the Norton software brand, Symantec, have embarked on a strange rebranding exercise. Let’s face it, the antivirus company that doesn’t move with the times is going to get left behind. So what is this replacement for the products “Norton 360”, “Norton Internet Security” and “Norton Antivirus” going to be called? Something cute … READ MORE

Norton 360 family retires with a confusing rebranding exercise

When Norton’s internet Security product is about to expire, people often renew automatically. Norton offers a ‘nag’ screen to pester the user into submission. Well there is a cheaper way. A MUCH cheaper way that is totally legitimate. Read on…. Norton Internet Security has a well kept secret. If you are running the 2006, 2007, … READ MORE

Cheap Norton Internet Security anyone?

If you are asking “What is the least expensive internet security package?” then you are obviously on a tight budget. However, we all like to save a bit of money and even though this is one area we certainly don’t want to scrimp on, bargains can be had if you know where to look. Free … READ MORE

What is the least expensive internet security package?

This problem often occurs when none of the files in your backup have been modified since Norton 360’s last backup. Norton then reports an error with a red cross, even though all is well. You will probably see a historical backup in the . We can get round this by adding a new file to, … READ MORE

Norton 360 backup at risk display error