PC repair, Internet Security and more

For more than 20 years I have been noting all the tips and tricks I have used to fix customers’ PCs and Macs.  Now it’s all here for you to read and to hopefully put in place to fix your computers too. I’m certainly no superhero, but fixing computers often makes other people think you are…

Internet Security packages at the best prices

nortonsecurityAs a freelance consultant in Internet Security, I know more than a little about protecting your computers and network from viruses, trojans, worms and spyware. To that end, I’ve listed my best tips and tricks to get the cheapest online internet security packages. Using my methods you can get Kaspersky Internet Security, Norton 360 Internet Security and McAfee Internet Security at the lowest prices. This works for Norton antivirus and all Internet Security derivatives too!

Tips for Webmasters

wordpress tipsIf you are a webmaster or blogger then I have some useful articles on running and maintaining WordPress installations, such as how to backup WordPress and  how to make WordPress secure.  There are articles about hosting and frequently updated domain name offers from as little as 99 Cents for a year. There are also plenty of useful Linux and Unix tips and tricks if you are struggling with web servers or want to move forward in self-hosting.

I hope you enjoy the articles, fixes, freebies and blog and enjoy living the life of a computer superhero for a little while (clients’ words, not mine).  If you have an interest in all things computer then bookmark the site and get in touch with your PC tips.