What is the least expensive internet security package?

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If you are asking “What is the least expensive internet security package?” then you are obviously on a tight budget. However, we all like to save a bit of money and even though this is one area we certainly don’t want to scrimp on, bargains can be had if you know where to look. Free antivirus packages are really not worth the extra effort with their more limited features and they often have poorer performance, nag screens, paid upgrades and adverts.

Internet security packages are often very expensive to renew but they can be purchased at keen prices online. Let’s take Symantec’s best security product, Norton 360. The manufacturer’s renewal price is currently £64.99 (105 US Dollars and about 78 Euro) for this. So let’s see if I can get this price down a bit….

Now all products from Norton come with a free upgrade to the current version, so buying an older version that someone thinks is out of date will be a good ploy as they will be much cheaper. I have successfully registered hundreds of products with older product keys so this is a great option. Just be sure that if you already have a security package on your PC, you match the number of users you will be having, eg if you have 3 PCs then you need a 3 user licence. Download the latest trial version of the same program from the Symantec website, then activate it with your licence key. Don’t install the program from the CD as this will usually need uninstalling to upgrade to a later version. Here are a few being sold online now:

If you just want a new version that installs straight out of the box with no messing about upgrading, then simply uninstall any package you have on your PC and install one from my internet security shop here:

Internet security shop

Packages can be as much as 80% discounted from the retail price!


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