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cheap norton security discountI’m frequently asked by customers how to get the cheapest renewal price on Norton 360.  Symantec’s renewal price is really one of the highest for any Internet Security product.  It is a capable package though and worth keeping on your PC. The best way by far is to purchase a new fully licensed program at a reduced price and install that. Nothing underhand, just a new product at a price much lower than Norton currently quote for renewal.

The beauty of this is that you don’t have to uninstall your current product if it is the same ‘family’ as the one you are installing, simply match the product family. For example, if you have Norton Security, get a Norton Security package with any version number as they all qualify for Norton’s free upgrade to the latest version anyway! If you have the older Norton 360 then get Norton Security and uninstall Norton 360 first.

Do Norton really offer a free upgrade?

Yes, most versions of Norton qualify for a free upgrade to the latest version in that product family. If you download the latest installation program, Norton will auto-detect and remove your older version and then install the newer one too, making it even simpler to install.

Please note

You can change to another security software at this point. From doing lots of virus clean-up work and labs testing, I would recommend uninstalling the Norton product and installing my preferred security suite and consistent labs test winner Kaspersky Total Security. Norton is quite capable but Kaspersky definitely has the edge on speed and low resource usage.

A word of warning. Norton products such as Norton 360, Norton Internet Security and Norton Antivirus are now retired in favour of “Norton Security” and “Norton Security with Backup”. Confused? This article explains more: New Norton product family (opens in a new window).

So to recap, if your Norton 360 has expired, then take a look in my software shop (opens in a new tab) and buy either a Norton or Kaspersky product at prices cheaper than Symantec’s renewal rates. If you want to upgrade to another software product (such as Kaspersky) then simply uninstall the existing Norton software, restart the computer and then install the Kaspersky product.

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23 thoughts on “Cheapest Norton 360 renewal

  1. Thanks, I saved a fair bit using your method for Norton 360 this year. Wish I’d known about it before!

  2. Nice method thanks. Why is your shop so cheap when Norton are so expensive? I think they take the p*** with their renewal prices, once they have your credit card on file.

  3. Thanks for the comment. My shop just locates the best deal available. You actually get a physical boxed CD sent to you but you only require the code from the pack to make it work. You can download the latest installation files direct from the Norton website which means the program is always the most recent.

  4. Hi — I have Internet Security 2013 with about 10 days left. Does the approach described for N360 work for Internet Security? My goal is to renew my family’s 3 PC’s for another 12 months for lowest cost. Let me know what I should buy for this lowest cost. I do see N360 in PC World, but your shop price is much better, let me know! Thanks, Brian

  5. Hi – I have internet security 2013 and installed trial version from Norton website. I rebooted my pc. Upon reboot, the trial version was registered and activated and I had 30 trial days. I wasn’t prompted to register, but after it was registered and activated via trial, there is a “renew” link where I could enter my 2013 product key. Upon entering this key, Norton renewed my account but I only have 10 days left which is what I had before I started the trial. I essentially went in a loop. I am obviously not following correctly. I then renewed with my 2012 product key and that one was expired with no days left. Thus I went back to my 2013 key to return my 10 remaining days. Did I miss something? Thanks.

    • If you entered the new product key correctly into the trial version, you should have had 365 days left. Often, it will require a reboot and update to show but this works. Persevere, restart your PC and let the program update a few times. Sometimes their registration server is temporarily unavailable which can cause this too.

  6. Thanks PCRepairMan — I will try again. But maybe I am misunderstanding something. Early last year, I brought a 2013 product and have been using it and there is 10 days left on it. This is the same product key that I am entering to renew the trial version. So it makes sense that my 10 days left is being passed onto the trial version. Are you saying that I need to buy a brand new 2013 or older version that still has 365 days left on it and use that key? And the cost is cheap because it is an older version. Is that what you are meaning? Thanks for any clarity on this important point.

    • Ahh, I understand you now. You have to buy an older copy, install the trial and use the older product key for this to work. It’s not set in any way to scam Norton for free licences, you are basically buying an older, cheaper version which has a free upgrade to the latest version. If you look in my store here there are current versions that are heavily discounted too which will work as well and save you some money. Hope this helps.

  7. Hello
    ive bought Norton 360 multidevice and wanted to use the product key to renew my current subscription which is expired. However when I enter the product key, it says its not for this version. Am I doing something wrong?

    My current Norton is 2014 and I am using a key from 2012.


    • Hi Emma. It seems you are trying to go ‘cross-family’ and install the Norton multi-device key on the standard Norton 360 version. I have amended the article to make this more clear. The solution for you is to simply uninstall the expired Norton 360, restart your PC then install your Norton 360 multi-device software, entering its accompanying product key when prompted.

  8. hey im running norton 360 dont know what version but is just for one computer. renewal is €75. dont know what to buy please help.

  9. Just to say I picked up a cheap, brand new copy through your shop and registered it with no fuss. I find it bizarre that a new copy can be cheaper than renewal? Oh well, sorted for another year thanks!!

  10. Hi PCRepairMan,

    Noting that the above is now a couple of years old, and before I purchase anything that might not work if the things have change, is this article still current and can I can cancel my current Norton 360 Deluxe subscription renewing on June 18th 2016 and purchase a 360 Deluxe from you giving me one year of further protection at 50% of the renewal price, please?

    • Absolutely, this article is still current. Make sure you cancel the auto renewal if you have one and then buy the new Norton 360 Deluxe, the code will work. Generally, if the product is in the same ‘family’ then the code works. If it’s not, and this is the worst case scenario, you uninstall the existing one and install the new one in about 5 minutes. Hope this helps.

  11. I did not find Norton 360 anywhere on your shopping Site, can you provide a direct link — my current Norton 360 (non-deluxe) Subscription runs out in mid June — Reading reviews — they all give 360 higher marks then the current Norton Security and say renewal is the only way to continue using Norton 360 – but Norton wants $104 for renewal of 360. Do you have Norton 360 for sale at a good price, or do you think that buying Norton Security is best?

  12. I have Norton 360 installed. up for renewal in Oct. I want something that would combine lap top, desktop, and 2 cell phones. What do you suggest?

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