MalwareBytes Anti-Malware version 1.7 update

There are lots of tasty new features in the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version 1.7 update, not least of which is the dropping of that crusty old ‘M’ logo. Always looked a bit cheap and nasty to me, nice to see it changed at last. Under the hood there are some important changes so I’ll list them Continue reading

MalwareBytes cannot schedule scans using limited user accounts

Many people are finding that MalwareBytes cannot schedule scans using limited user accounts. Well this is not completely accurate as it can be done but it’s a little convoluted.  Imagine the scenario where you have an administrator account and one or more limited accounts setup. This is very common in households with kids (or flippin’ Continue reading

Kaspersky removal tool for all versions

When you want to uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security, Pure or Antivirus from your PC, sometimes remnants of the installation get left behind.  It is good practice to run a removal tool to clean up the areas of the registry and hard drive that contain traces of Kaspersky. There is a little-known tool that can help Continue reading

AVG keeps asking to upgrade

You have a problem where AVG antivirus is prompting you to upgrade all the time. What has probably happened here is that you have installed the wrong version.  You wanted free and you installed the trial version. AVG does try to ‘direct’ you towards the full product as a trial version.  The free version is Continue reading

Panda Cloud Antivirus review

This article is primarily a Panda Cloud Antivirus review, but let’s start by examining the need for a lightweight antivirus. Well, the ubiquitous market leader AVG Antivirus has gained some weight in its 2012 incarnation. So much so that it now brings many lower-specced PCs to their knees.  Running AVG on our test rig (a Continue reading

Cheapest Internet Security Packages using a little-known registration trick

Internet security packages are often very expensive to renew.  This is why I have invested time and effort to find the best and cheapest way to purchase the latest protection package or renew your existing licence.  I came up with a licence method that works and is up to 80% cheaper than retail price, making Continue reading

Norton subscription has expired – but it hasn’t!

A fairly common fault is for a Norton product such as Antivirus, Internet Security or 360 to report that your subscription has expired when it hasn’t. This can be due to a number of issues and often occurs after some major Windows updates or when there are problems with the Symantec (Norton) subscription servers. The Continue reading

AVG free download antivirus and internet security links

Looking for AVG free antivirus downloads?  Here are our official links: AVG Free Antivirus AVG Internet Security (full registered product) for much less than you think! For a better fully featured antivirus, antispyware and Internet security package I’d suggest trying Kaspersky Internet Security.  Here’s a link with a 10% discount:

Check you have the latest Norton product version

Here’s a well kept secret….Symantec offer a way to check you have the latest Norton product on your system and they actually give you a free upgrade if not. If you are running a Norton product such as Internet Security, Antivirus or 360, click here to check for a free upgrade to other versions of Continue reading

Cheapest Kaspersky Pure and registration renewal

Kaspersky Pure is a super-solid internet security package. Introduced in 2009, it has rapidly become the de-facto standard that all other packages are judged by. Detection rates are second to none and there is a built in antivirus, antispyware, parental control, firewall, anti-spam, safe run option and many more features. My little-known method is to Continue reading