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Many people struggle when faced with a zip file and don’t understand what to do with it. I’ll try to explain and look at options for different devices. Why use zip and what is it? When you want to download large or small files to your Windows or Mac PC or tablet computer, the standard … READ MORE

How to unzip files contained in a zip archive

  If you’re looking through WHM’s process manager and you see [email protected] mentioned as one of the processes, don’t be alarmed. It’s perfectly normal and it’s definitely not some hacker called ‘Notty’ who has suddenly got root permissions. Be honest, you’re here because you thought that 😉 You may also have seen sshd: [email protected] in … READ MORE

Who or what is root@notty?

These are the instructions to follow when renewing the licence on Kaspersky Internet Security. I’ll presume that you have a new licence key to hand from a recent version and that the product is the same (eg not Kaspersky Pure etc). If you don’t have a new licence yet, you’ll find them for sale at … READ MORE

Kaspersky Internet Security licence renewal instructions

Are you getting your Outlook emails stuck in your Outbox after upgrading to Windows 10? I’ve seen this happen on several machines and it really seems to be a problem where Windows corrupts the Outlook database and/or profile on many versions of Microsoft Office (2007, 2010 and 2013). The easiest fix and one that I’d … READ MORE

Outlook emails stay in Outbox after Windows 10 upgrade

Her’s a list of useful country codes that we can use in many rule-based filtering situations on servers. AD Andorra AE United Arab Emirates AF Afghanistan AG Antigua and Barbuda AI Anguilla AL Albania AM Armenia AN Netherlands Antilles AO Angola AQ Antarctica AR Argentina AS American Samoa AT Austria AU Australia AW Aruba AZ … READ MORE

Country codes for mod_security, CSF and htaccess

Since I am getting a lot of questions on where Kaspersky Pure has gone and how to upgrade, I’ll try to clarify a few things. Yes, the main website has now dropped Pure as a product, seemingly without notification. The localized websites (such as etc) have followed too. It seems that Kaspersky Pure … READ MORE

Kaspersky Pure replaced by Total Security

Here’s a quick tutorial how to resize images quickly and easily using a great free program called Irfanview. First, if you haven’t already, download and install Irfanview from When starting the program for the first time go to the top menu and select: Options > Set file associations > Images only > OK Now … READ MORE

Install Irfanview and resize images easily

Quite a few people have asked me about the fields being greyed out in the autoresponder section of the Microsoft Exchange Web App. Here’s how to set your vacation autoresponder: Mail Options See all options Tell people you’re on a vacation Select “Send automatic replies” Tick “Send replies only during this period” Select dates that … READ MORE

Cannot set autoresponder for Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web App