I have had quite a few customers calling over the years to say that they cannot find unread emails in their Gmail inbox. It’s a common complaint and one which I have found can be quickly cured by doing the following. Logon to Gmail in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc). Go to … READ MORE

Cannot find unread emails in Gmail inbox

Lots of my clients have had issues where they have been running happily for a long time on their BT Connect email accounts and now they have suddenly stopped sending or receiving email. The change has been due to BT switching over to using Office 365 which is essentially Microsoft Outlook Online. Here are the … READ MORE

BT Connect email settings for business broadband

If you see the error “We’re sorry Thunderbird had a problem and has crashed”, all is not lost. I’ll take you through some fault-finding stages that may help. Here’s what the window looks like on most computers: Yikes, not great information there and submitting information to Mozilla doesn’t help you in the short term, although … READ MORE

We’re sorry Thunderbird had a problem and has crashed

Here are the current email settings for Tiscali users.  Tiscali has been taken over by TalkTalk but users are still advised to use the old ‘legacy’ settings listed below. Please bear in mind that there are 2 main types of email client setup, one which uses Pop3 and the other which uses IMAP. In short, … READ MORE

Email settings for Tiscali UK