The wife texts her husband on a cold winters morning: “Windows frozen.” Husband texts back: “Pour some luke warm water over it.” Wife texts back: “Computer completely messed up now.”

Cold winter’s morning

Well it would probably go something like this…..

If Facebook existed years ago….

You know in all those futuristic films where computers speak to their owners? Ever wondered if you can actually get yours to welcome you in this way? Well let’s have a go at doing this and see what we can use it for. This should work on Windows from XP upwards. If you have security … READ MORE

Change Windows startup sound to a voice

To celebrate William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding, Google showed its sense of humour and showed this Street View icon which is normally a little man. The new, temporary icon reveals a miniature bride and groom and gives particular attention to detail on even the most mundane of icons. You have to admire Google’s persistence … READ MORE

Royal wedding Google Street View icon

Wouldn’t it be nice to play Asteroids on your browser and shoot up a few crappy webpages? Open up your browser, open your favourite website ( and paste the following code into your address bar:

    Instructions Press Esc to quit Use the arrow keys to navigate and spacebar to shoot. Zap the … READ MORE

Asteroids script for any webpage