Facebook This public profile is not visible

Problem: You have added a Facebook “Like” box to your website and it worked at first, but now it shows this error “This public profile is not visible”. Here’s a snippet of what it looks like:


Facebook this public profile is not visible

Well, it WAS working.....!



If you login to Facebook then return to your website, you’ll probably see that the “Like” box now appears correctly and shows some happy users. So what’s the problem and how do I fix it?

Well, first off you must make sure that your Facebook page and website are suitable for an audience of people aged 13 or older. They are?  OK, let’s proceed.

Login to Facebook and edit your page.

In the left column, click on “Manage Permissions” .

Change the age restrictions setting to “Anyone (13+)” and save the settings.

Logout of Facebook and go to your website. Refresh the page and you should now see all information correctly presented. It’s a common mistake but one which is easily solved.