A pair of dissatisfied customers have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple.  This is because of signal reception problems in the iPhone 4.  More will doubtless follow. Since the arrival of the latest iPhone Apple’s new baby has been plagued with reports of reception problems.  Apple has even made the terrible mistake of telling … READ MORE

iPhone 4 signal reception problems

If your iPhone will not update to version 5 and you have Kaspersky Internet Security installed there may be some network blocking that interrupts the installation.  Here’s how to disable it: Open Kaspersky main window and select Settings > Application control > Applications. Expand the Apple branch by clicking on the plus next to it,  … READ MORE

iPhone will not update to version 5

On IMAP mailservers, apple’s iPhone often complains that “Mobile mail can’t verify the server’s identity”.  Unfortunately, this is because the iPhone currently has no version of iOS that will allow you to permanently accept self signed certificates. On most modern browsers you can permanently store the certificate so that you can trust your mailserver domain, … READ MORE

Iphone mobile mail can’t verify the identity of mailserver

Many users have reported dropped calls on their iPhone either straight out of the box or after updating to the latest firmware.  Apple have been improving their service worldwide but some carriers are still finding that their customers are a bit annoyed after spending all that money for something that doesn’t make phone calls….. If … READ MORE

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