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Computer cases  are not all created equal.  That said, even some of the entry level cases have surprised me over the years as they can be  great value for money. Look for the best size to fit your motherboard and see if you can snap up a deal with a power supply included.  Check too … READ MORE

Computer cases

Firewire PCI cards (also know as 1394a FireWire adapter cards) turn a free motherboard PCI slot into ine or more external IEEE 1394a FireWire slots.  They often provide an internal (6-pin) FireWire port that can be used in place of the external 6-pin connector. By doing this, you have a cost effective solution that lets … READ MORE

Firewire PCI cards

DDR2 laptop memory is for relatively new laptop PCs. There are different standards (DDR, DDR2 and DDR3) and they are NOT interchangeable so check first what you have. You will also hear this memory referred to as notebook or laptop DIMM, or SODIMM. More information can be found here. This memory is not intended for … READ MORE

DDR2 laptop memory

At the high end of the market ATI and Nvidia rule the roost.  ATI chipsets are used on many rock-solid graphics cards. Their software control panel had some bad publicity over the years but latest versions are very good, always upgrade your software immediately following an installation. Here’s an article that explains the different types … READ MORE

Graphics card ATI

TV tuners  for PC. By using a TV tuner card you can receive television signals direct into your computer. Most TV tuners also function as video capture cards now which allows them to record television programs directly onto your hard disk drive for playback on demand. Make sure you buy a ‘digital tv tuner’ rather … READ MORE

TV tuners

Computer case fans  are not always essential but where fitted they should always be replaced when faulty.  Errors can occur when they get worn and stalling can often hang the PC as the motherboard commonly checks that the fan is rotating. [phpbay keywords=”computer case fan” num=”9″ siteid=”15″ customid=”pcrmb” sortorder=”EndTimeSoonest” templatename=”columns” columns=”3″ paging=”false”]

PC case cooling fans

Power supplies  for PC, these boxes can easily and cheaply get you back up and running again if you have lost power to your tower! Spend a bit extra to get silent fans and it’s money well spent. [phpbay keywords=”pc power supply atx” num=”9″ siteid=”15″ customid=”pcrmb” sortorder=”EndTimeSoonest” templatename=”columns” columns=”3″ paging=”false”]

Power supplies

USB PCI cards are Generally bought by people who want to add extra USB slots to their PC. They can also be used to add USB to a PC that has a damaged power supply from the motherboard to the existing USB slots but otherwise operates fine. All are generally USB 2.0 standard now which … READ MORE

USB PCI cards