Her’s a list of useful country codes that we can use in many rule-based filtering situations on servers. AD Andorra AE United Arab Emirates AF Afghanistan AG Antigua and Barbuda AI Anguilla AL Albania AM Armenia AN Netherlands Antilles AO Angola AQ Antarctica AR Argentina AS American Samoa AT Austria AU Australia AW Aruba AZ … READ MORE

Country codes for mod_security, CSF and htaccess

There’s a charity offer on in aid of the flood victims of Owego, NY. There is a huge amount of SEO coaching stuff bundled together from various people and what is particularly impressive is that it also contains Traffic Travis Pro version. Huge amounts of people are using the free version because the pro retails … READ MORE

Traffic Travis Pro and charity offer SEO tools bundle

It’s difficult to get an accurate set of search results these days from Google as they unfortunately personalize far too much, even if you explicitly tell them not to. Now they have integrated Google Plus into the search results, it’s even more difficult. “Aha” I hear you shout, “I can turn that personalization off by … READ MORE

Disable Google personalized search

If you are using the fabulous WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, you’ll find that it also does the job of creating a sitemap for you.  You need to opt in to this within the plugin’s settings field here: “XML sitemaps” then tick the “Check this box to enable XML sitemap functionality“. There are a few … READ MORE

WordPress SEO by Yoast – using sitemaps

SERPbuddy is a premier online SERP tracker that was built by SEO professionals. For those who don’t know, SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. The data that SERPBuddy presents is well formatted and offers everything that people need to accurately gauge the rank and position of a search keyword for any website. There is … READ MORE

SERPBuddy review and free trial