CrashPlan has been around for a while now and is looking like one of the best solutions out there for business and personal backups. With no storage size limits, bandwidth caps or file-type restrictions, Crash Plan really has lots going for it. On top of this, there’s enterprise-class hardware and military-grade security with no extra … READ MORE

Crash Plan backup software full review

Online backup just got a whole lot cheaper with the latest coupon code from Mozy.   Click the link below and type in the coupon code ENCRYPTION for 20% discount: Mozy online backup coupon code Note: Enter the code into the promotional code box at signup to get the full discount.   Other recent contenders for … READ MORE

Online backup and coupon code for 20% off Mozy

Here’s a great way to get more space on Dropbox, the free secure online file storage service. Recently, Dropbox offered an increase to customers who used the Camera Upload facility. This method takes advantage of their generous offer and allows you to use that free space to the maximum. First, if you haven’t got this … READ MORE

Get more space on Dropbox

Syncback is an excellent backup tool which we use here to control client backups. There’s a free version and a more powerful paid version. They both suffer the same problem as other backup tools which is the inability to schedule a backup for a user profile that has a blank password. Usually the error is … READ MORE

Syncback blank account password not accepted

We have a  Mozy discount code for those of you who want to take advantage of this clever online backup service. Mozy is one of the foremost online backup providers with a very stable, simple and accessible platform. 2 easy steps…   1. Click here – MOZY DISCOUNT CODE 2. Type in the promotional … READ MORE

Mozy discount code for 10 percent off

This is a tutorial on how to backup your WordPress database manually using phpMyAdmin and the SQL export method. It may sound difficult for the non-technical but it isn’t really and is something that is essential for the maintenance of any WordPress site. If you have ever lost any data before you’ll know what a … READ MORE

Backup WordPress database tutorial