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So what exactly is ‘modify header information’ anyway? Well, it’s quite a common problem and one that has no definitive answer because there are many different code reasons why it occurs. That said, if you understand why it’s happening you should be able to diagnose your issue more easily. I’ll give an explanation first and … READ MORE

Cannot modify header information – headers already sent

Your DNS cache stores IP addresses of webservers. These servers have delivered pages which you and others have recently viewed. If the location of the web server changes for any reason before the entry in your DNS cache automatically updates, you will find yourself unable to access the website. You may also see a lot … READ MORE

How to clear the DNS cache

Yes, GoDaddy 99 cent domains are back with this simple method and coupon code for December! It’s limited to 3 per account but does include existing GoDaddy account holders to purchase. I’ll show you below how to mix it up and get 6 domains for as low as $4. At time of writing, 4USD = … READ MORE

GoDaddy 99 cent domains are back!

Problem: You have added a Facebook “Like” box to your website and it worked at first, but now it shows this error “This public profile is not visible”. Here’s a snippet of what it looks like:       If you login to Facebook then return to your website, you’ll probably see that the “Like” … READ MORE

Facebook This public profile is not visible

If you are looking for cheap freelance work then one site stands out above all others. Friskk has high quality services by freelancers from around the world. Starting from a ridiculously low $5 ( 3.17 GB Pounds at today’s exchange rates! ) Friskk users offer services in many different sectors. Want a WordPress site cloning … READ MORE

Cheap freelance work on Friskk

I have a talented client who is involved in greetings card design.  She was looking for ways to sell her unique designs so I suggested a few of the best known and some of the more obscure ones I have come across.  Here is the list I came up with…. Templates ThemeForest – Sell web … READ MORE

Top 40 places to sell your designs

If you’ve got a text list that you want to add the same data to at the start of each line, then use this simple trick in Notepad Plus Plus: Move your cursor to the start of the first line Hold down Alt + Shift together then use the cursor down key to select subsequent … READ MORE

Notepad Plus Plus add text to the start of a line

Problem: You try to save a draft, publish or update a post in WordPress and you get: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class TextStatistics in /home/nasalcon/public_html/wp-content/plugins/easywpseo/onpageseo-readability.php on line 35 This is caused by a conflict between Yoast’s excellent WP SEO plugin and the (equally excellent) Easy WP SEO plugin. It was triggered on the v1.2 update … READ MORE

Fatal error cannot redeclare class TextStatistics Easy WP Seo