Accuranker review 2019

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Accuranker is a very impressive tool that helps you to accurately monitor keywords for your websites. We were that impressed that we now run this tool daily and wanted to put together a mini Accuranker review.

This tool is aimed at users with single websites, right up to agencies with hundreds of sites. You can see at a quick glance how your keywords are performing daily, and you don’t even need to run a report, you can see live data on the website or get scheduled reports sent through to you by email.

Initial Accuranker setup

Initial setup is simple, just choose Google or Bing (or both) and select desktop or mobile (or both) to see how your keywords perform on these devices. Your package will include a limited number of keywords and this is different for each subscription level. Note that if you have, for example, a site with 10 keywords tracked, then checking results for Google Desktop counts as 10 keywords. If you add Google mobile too, this would then count as 20 keywords. Add Bing desktop and mobile into the mix and you’ll be up to 40 keywords. It’s easy to forget this when ordering a package, so make sure you get the right one for you. Their keyword allowance is quite generous though, especially given that Accuranker check them daily by default.

Google analytics linking

Impressively, this tool links into your Google Analytics account to pull even more data for you. As you can see from their image below, you can integrate with many more services such as DataStudio, Sheets and more:

accuranker review discount

So with this tool you can now see your ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The graphing software on the site is impressive, allowing you to drill down into each keyword’s ranking history with a few clicks.

Accuranker updates, good or bad?

AccuRanker is maintained by some clever people and updates come through quite regularly adding new functionality. All the updates we have seen have been useful and have added more value to the tool. You can also take advantage of their 14-day free trial to see if it is the right SEO tool for your needs.

An SEO tool for agencies

Agencies will love the automatic monitoring and reporting features. You can even send a scheduled report out to your clients, a great bonus. Different data export formats will suit most agencies (and beginners too). If you’re still using Excel and CSV for your reporting or metrics then this is easily available for export.

Competitor Monitoring

One great SEO trick is checking how your keywords stack up against the same ones for other websites. Accuranker monitors keyword competition and lets you know who ranks higher than you, which is great for beating your competitors. Accuranker also uses “Share of Voice” which is a cool name for their trickest feature. This allows you to view who has more share of the search engine results for given keywords. It’s a great metric to quickly see if you are pushing your competitors further away or if they’re catching you up.


All in all, the clear layout, the impressive charting and reporting make this package the best we have seen for SEO reporting. We now use it daily to monitor and track our keywords too.

With a 14-day free trial, clear navigation and simple yet effective reporting, AccuRanker is now the keyword tracking SEO tool to beat.


Test Accuranker now


Kaspersky Internet Security licence renewal instructions

These are the instructions to follow when renewing the licence on Kaspersky Internet Security. I’ll presume that you have a new licence key to hand from a recent version and that the product is the same (eg not Kaspersky Pure etc). If you don’t have a new licence yet, you’ll find them for sale at discounted prices here [Hint: search for ‘kaspersky internet security 3 user’ or however many computers you need to protect]

You can buy the new licence in advance of your current product expiring, but you don’t need to wait until the existing licence has expired to install it any more. Kaspersky now seems to add on the remaining days from your current licence to your new licence, providing the product is the same.

First, open Kaspersky. The quickest way is to double click the icon in your system tray (bottom right of your desktop screen). If you can’t see it there, use the little arrow on the left to expand the icons and find it. It’s a red letter K like this one below:





Now, look in the bottom right of the Kaspersky window and click on ‘License: xx days remaining’ (where xx is your actual days remaining).





Now click on the ‘Enter activation code’ button.






Finally, type in your activation code, or copy and paste it if you received it by email. Be careful to get EXACTLY the right code as some letters do look similar! You can copy and paste the whole of the new licence key into the first entry field, it will separate them for you.






Press the ‘Save activation code’ button and you’re done. Give the PC a restart, open Kaspersky again and you should be able to see your licence has the correct amount of days remaining.

I sell full versions in my shop here at discounted prices that are often much cheaper than renewal. Grab the code from those and you won’t need to install anything, just follow the method above.


Centrino Duo laptop Windows 7 64 bit compatible

intel centrino duo windows 7I had a laptop PC in today, a Toshiba Tecra A8 running Windows XP with a Centrino Duo sticker on it. The customer wanted to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit but wasn’t sure if it would be supported. Even running the Windows upgrade advisor made him none the wiser.

I explained that the Centrino Duo name doesn’t necessarily mean that the processor has a true dual core, only the core 2 duos would have this. Centrino is only a sticker branding, really only relating to usage of the Intel Wifi and WiMax brands. To run Win 7 64 Bit he would need a processor of this ilk:

  • T5500
  • T5600
  • T7200
  • T7400
  • T7600

Luckily, on further investigation, his Tecra A8 shipped with a T5500 which is a true Core 2 Duo processor. Only the Core 2 Duos incorporate the 64 bit extensions that allow them to run 64 bit software, not the Core Duos. He had previously had an upgrade from us that upped his RAM to 4 GB so this laptop was a suitable candidate for the upgrade to Win 7.

An hour later he left the shop with a newly installed Windows 7 system on his Toshiba Tecra A8 which ran nice and smooth.

Search everything plugin returns no posts

I came across a recent bug today on a client site where the excellent ‘Search Everything’ plugin was updated to the latest version (currently 8.1.3) and the search suddenly returned no results on the website.

I narrowed it down to the ‘category exclude’ option as unchecking this box in the admin area made the plugin work as it should again. As you can see below, I had just one category in there for exclusion:


search everything not working


Unfortunately, unchecking this also broke my client’s search functionality as they had over 2000 posts we had to exclude from their search results, all in that one category.

Examining the code a bit further, it seemed something was probably amiss in wp-content/plugins/search-everything/search-everything.php around line 735:


Glad to see that the developers have neatly laid out and commented the code, usually the sign of a decent plugin. I initially thought that escaping the apostrophes in the first reference to ‘page’ may work but it didn’t seem to. Here’s my temporary fix that works for my client until the developer can take a look:


If you are a bit unsure of messing with php files, do this:

  • FTP into your server
  • Copy search-everything.php to your PC (full path is wp-content/plugins/search-everything/search-everything.php)
  • Open it in a text editor such as Notepad (or better still the free and excellent Notepad++) and modify the code to read as above
  • Rename search-everything.php on your server to search-everythingORIG.php
  • Upload the search-everything.php file from your PC to the server in the same location as it was.
  • Test and do the happy dance if it works

If you do apply this, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the bugfix from the plugin developers.

Hope it works for you!



Norton 360 family retires with a confusing rebranding exercise

norton security rebrandThe owners of the Norton software brand, Symantec, have embarked on a strange rebranding exercise. Let’s face it, the antivirus company that doesn’t move with the times is going to get left behind. So what is this replacement for the products “Norton 360”, “Norton Internet Security” and “Norton Antivirus” going to be called? Something cute like “Poppy” or brutal like “JackHammer” perhaps? Maybe a more purposeful name like “Virus Obliterator”? Err no… meet… wait for it…

Norton Security

There’s a new Sheriff in town (and his name sounds very much like the old one).  For me, Norton needed to move away from that name. The early versions were absolute resource hogs (I’m going back to pre 2009 or thereabouts) but they tidied their act up and started to present versions that were slick, had low CPU/RAM usage and made use of a pretty decent user interface. All in, it became a well rounded product. It was then that they should have rebranded in my eyes. Ask most people who used the old security suites if they recommend Norton now and they’ll say “Nah, bloated rubbish”. Bad reputations are harder to shake if you keep the same name. Shit sticks it seems…

Do users of the old Norton products still get updates?

Well let’s see what the new business model is then. According to Symantec:

As a current customer of a Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security or Norton 360 product, you can continue to renew your subscription at this time, receive protection updates, and support for the product you have been using. If you are currently enrolled in Automatic Renewal Service, renewal of your enrolled product will be processed until further notice. During the renewal process, you may also have the option to upgrade to a different product. Choose the renewal or new product with the features that best meet your needs and you will continue to receive the latest in security updates during your subscription.

So, basically yes, they will offer support and updates for old products but will be pushing users to upgrade to the new family of products.

Norton security with Backup

This is the alternative to the plain Internet Security version. Cloud backup is something they have offered since Norton 360 came along, but now there is a move towards the ever-increasing synchronising of mobile and tablet data, Norton are unsurprisingly jumping on this.

If I was to be totally cynical, I’d say that it is a great business plan to offer cloud backup, even at cost price. Why? Well if the Internet Security software subscription is due and the user doesn’t renew, then they lose their online data. Who would want this? Guaranteed renewals makes sense for vendors and reduces the risk of jumping ship to sail with another vendor like Kaspersky, AVG or McAfee to name but a few.

We shall be reviewing the new software suites and doing comparative real-world tests but, until then, rest assured that the old Symantec Norton products are supported and will continue to receive updates.


Tresorit pushes security above and beyond

TresoritI am certainly impressed by the way that Tresorit seems to be handling security and also the openness of their company about methods they use and reject.

Their recent blog post shows that they are really trying to excel in the online backup industry by pushing current protocols beyond the standard ‘accepted’ limits.

When we designed Tresorit, we were faced with two contrary options: using widespread, well-tested, standardized, industry standard protocols and creating (or implementing) new, stronger protocols. We decided to combine the best of these approaches: we use the strongest standard one, and extend it with our protocol on a way that if our protocol fails, it fallback to the standard one.

I worked for many years in the computer security and penetration testing arena and most encryption methods I previously struggled to get past are now easily cracked by anyone with a laptop, some free software and some common sense. Times move on and you can’t presume something is safe because there are no current published exploits for it.

Tresorit is a relatively new but forward-thinking company that seem to have got their security levels right rather than waiting on the day they are compromised to address this. Keep up the good work Tresorit and keep pushing the boundaries of encryption.

Photobox UK coupon code

Photobox coupon codeThere’s a very good coupon code deal on Photo albums and online printing via Photobox. Photobox make high quality canvasses, aluminium prints, Photo books, Photo mugs and jigsaw puzzles.

Here’s a coupon code you can use to get even better savings.

Just use the link below, create your album or prints and type in FIFTYOFF at the checkout. Any order over £40 gets a whopping 50% off!


Photobox 50% off offer


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MalwareBytes Anti-Malware version 1.7 update

There are lots of tasty new features in the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version 1.7 update, not least of which is the dropping of that crusty old ‘M’ logo. Always looked a bit cheap and nasty to me, nice to see it changed at last. Under the hood there are some important changes so I’ll list them here:

Major changes:
•   New program logo and icons (adding a much-needed slickness!)
•   Heuristics for zero day exploit detection now implemented in protection module for PRO version
•   Threats detected by the protection module are now quarantined automatically by default
•   Malwarebytes Anti-Malware now shows Windows 8 START screen notifications
•   More Tools tab enhanced with tons of new content and more to come in the future
•   Option to allow a threat to run temporarily (Allow Temporarily) added to filesystem protection prompts
•   Option to add a detected item to the Ignore List (Allow Always) added to filesystem protection prompts

Some nice improvements:
•   Heuristics for detecting new and unknown threats improved
•   Scanner efficiency improved
•   Microsoft Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 now identified correctly in scan logs
•   Help file updated to include information on new features
•   Better compatibility with many other security products in realtime (this is much needed, thanks guys)

Issues Fixed:
•   Minor issue with password creation from CLI fixed

Here is a screenshot of the improved tools area:


All in all, a decent update from what is still the best anti-malware out there. Buy the MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Pro version at the best price here

GoDaddy 99 cent domains are back!

Godaddy cheap domain trickYes, GoDaddy 99 cent domains are back with this simple method and coupon code for December! It’s limited to 3 per account but does include existing GoDaddy account holders to purchase. I’ll show you below how to mix it up and get 6 domains for as low as $4.

At time of writing, 4USD = about 2.50GBP or 3.8AUD or 4.7 NZD or 3Euro

Start off by opening GoDaddy using this link (opens in a new window).

Sign up or login if you are already a customer.

First off, if you are from any country other than the US, set your primary currency to dollars. I’m outside the US but I keep it in this currency as it’s often where the better deals are.

Search for your 3 .com domains and add them to your basket.

Set all domains to 1 year duration using the dropdown menu.

Below each domain you see this:

Click the little ‘Add’ link for each one, this will add the free .info to your basket.

Verify your domains and that the corresponding .infos are all there, you should have 6 domains in total.

Now go to your Order Summary box on the right side of the page and add this special GoDaddy promotional coupon code:


You should see that all 3 of your .coms have dropped to $0.99 (plus $0.18 tax) and that the .infos are completely free (with $0.18 sales tax). Something like this:

Godaddy 99 cent domain coupon code


Godaddy free info domain


At their current non-discounted prices (and GoDaddy are reasonable for their full-price domains) the basket would cost $82 for those 6 domains. Using this trick it comes down to a shade over $4.

That’s a $78 dollar saving, or 95% if you prefer!

Here’s what I have just ordered:

Godaddy 99 cent domains coupon deal

Yes that really is just over $4 for 6 domain names!!


Update: Working GoDaddy coupon codes for January 2013:

Enter code cjc295j1 for any domain at $2.95

Enter code gd3115c for any .info at $1.49

Enter code UNLOCKED for any .com at $1.17

Bookmark this page and check back for new codes before purchasing any domain!


Go straight to GoDaddy and register your domains now (link opens in new window).

Cheap freelance work on Friskk

Gigs for a fiverrIf you are looking for cheap freelance work then one site stands out above all others. Friskk has high quality services by freelancers from around the world. Starting from a ridiculously low $5 ( 3.17 GB Pounds at today’s exchange rates! ) Friskk users offer services in many different sectors.

Want a WordPress site cloning then moving to another server? $10

Want a new logo for your website, designed and built to a high standard? $15

See the PCRepairMan up top? He was designed and built using services found on

Other cheap freelance work includes video intros, cheap website backlinks, zombie transformations to photos of your friends, singing birthday videos….sky’s the limit really.  Some of the imagination is incredible and for gift ideas this site is really top notch.  Each service offered is for a fixed price and these are called ‘gigs’. On completion of the gig you pay the service provider an agreed fee. You pay nothing to register, and no fees to the website. How cool is that?  If you want to sell a service then you would pay a small commission on the final sale price.  If you don’t see the service you need, then you can request a service using the instant suggestion box.

Cheap freelance work by professionals

Many of the users on Friskk are professionals in their field, looking to earn extra money with small projects. This means that they often finish the project in very good time and can deliver excellent results.

So have a look around, see what’s on offer and get something unique for less than the price of a Starbucks!