Cryptocurrency hardware wallets explained

By far the biggest market leaders in hardware wallets are Trezor and Ledger. Most people are lazy and won’t do anything about security until the proverbial poop hits the fan. And wow, it certainly has done this for a lot of cryptocurrency owners. It seems like most days we hear about crypto hacks and scams, Continue reading

Accuranker review 2019

  Accuranker is a very impressive tool that helps you to accurately monitor keywords for your websites. We were that impressed that we now run this tool daily and wanted to put together a mini Accuranker review. This tool is aimed at users with single websites, right up to agencies with hundreds of sites. You Continue reading

Kaspersky Internet Security licence renewal instructions

These are the instructions to follow when renewing the licence on Kaspersky Internet Security. I’ll presume that you have a new licence key to hand from a recent version and that the product is the same (eg not Kaspersky Pure etc). If you don’t have a new licence yet, you’ll find them for sale at Continue reading

Centrino Duo laptop Windows 7 64 bit compatible

I had a laptop PC in today, a Toshiba Tecra A8 running Windows XP with a Centrino Duo sticker on it. The customer wanted to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit but wasn’t sure if it would be supported. Even running the Windows upgrade advisor made him none the wiser. I explained that the Centrino Continue reading

Search everything plugin returns no posts

I came across a recent bug today on a client site where the excellent ‘Search Everything’ plugin was updated to the latest version (currently 8.1.3) and the search suddenly returned no results on the website. I narrowed it down to the ‘category exclude’ option as unchecking this box in the admin area made the plugin Continue reading

Norton 360 family retires with a confusing rebranding exercise

The owners of the Norton software brand, Symantec, have embarked on a strange rebranding exercise. Let’s face it, the antivirus company that doesn’t move with the times is going to get left behind. So what is this replacement for the products “Norton 360”, “Norton Internet Security” and “Norton Antivirus” going to be called? Something cute Continue reading

Tresorit pushes security above and beyond

I am certainly impressed by the way that Tresorit seems to be handling security and also the openness of their company about methods they use and reject. Their recent blog post shows that they are really trying to excel in the online backup industry by pushing current protocols beyond the standard ‘accepted’ limits. When we Continue reading

Photobox UK coupon code

There’s a very good coupon code deal on Photo albums and online printing via Photobox. Photobox make high quality canvasses, aluminium prints, Photo books, Photo mugs and jigsaw puzzles. Here’s a coupon code you can use to get even better savings. Just use the link below, create your album or prints and type in FIFTYOFF Continue reading

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware version 1.7 update

There are lots of tasty new features in the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version 1.7 update, not least of which is the dropping of that crusty old ‘M’ logo. Always looked a bit cheap and nasty to me, nice to see it changed at last. Under the hood there are some important changes so I’ll list them Continue reading

GoDaddy 99 cent domains are back!

Yes, GoDaddy 99 cent domains are back with this simple method and coupon code for December! It’s limited to 3 per account but does include existing GoDaddy account holders to purchase. I’ll show you below how to mix it up and get 6 domains for as low as $4. At time of writing, 4USD = Continue reading