Royal Wedding viruses hit users

With the royal wedding in full swing here inthe UK, many internet users are searching the latest news, gossip and videos for information.  Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of PCs passing through our repair departments riddled with spyware, viruses and Trojans caused by downloading software that comes from dubious sources.

Royal wedding hoax alerts

The malicious links we have found have so far been marked “William and Kate live interview”, “Royal Wedding called off”, “UK Royal Wedding free programme”, “Kate Middleton Wedding Dress virtual tour” and “Bomb alert spoils royal wedding plans”. There were even less tasteful ones such as “Kate Middleton injured in terrorist attack” and “Sniper attack on Prince William” which, when clicked, both took us to sites proclaiming to have exclusive video footage of the hoax events. Some even more graphic titles are best not repeated here….


The remedy for trouble-free royal wedding coverage online?

Don’t believe all you read and stick to major news sources such as or

Arm yourself with a fully featured internet security package that alerts you about possible threats from webpages and uses search filtering to avoid malicious webpages.  Don’t download programmes and guides unless from official sources.


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