Top 40 places to sell your designs

I have a talented client who is involved in greetings card design.  She was looking for ways to sell her unique designs so I suggested a few of the best known and some of the more obscure ones I have come across.  Here is the list I came up with….


ThemeForest – Sell web design templates.

WP Theme Market – Sell WordPress themes.

Templamatic – Upload and sell your own website templates.

CMS Market – Sell templates, extensions and more for Joomla, Drupal and WordPress

Css Templates Web – Sell low-cost, css-based website templates.

Theme Galaxy – Premium WordPress theme designers who are always looking for new talent to join their team.

WordPress Designers – Another premium themes site that is on the lookout for new designers to work with.

StyleWP The Press Exchange – A forum-based platform for buying, selling, and trading WordPress themes.

Webmaster Talk –Forum for website templates.

Covantage Templates – Sell website, flash, logo and other templates.


iStockphoto – The biggest. Sell photos, illustrations, video and Flash.

GraphicRiver – Sell vector images and Photoshop files.

Shutterstock – Get paid per download for photographic images and vector images.

Cutcaster – Sell your digital images and vector graphics, along with stock video.

VectorStock – Sell…err…vector stock images.

Graphic Leftovers – Sell illustrations, logos, icons & templates.

LogoBash – Design a logo for a client and get paid.

Fotolia – Fotlia offers commission on your account with them


MyFonts – Sell fonts via this huge provider. – Sell fonts. – Sell fonts.


FlashDen – Sell Flash files.

Clever Andy – Your design turned into a website for sale.

Tee shirt design

Threadless – Design a t-shirt, put it to a vote, see it sold if it’s good enough.

SpreadShirt – Create custom tee shirts.

PikiStore – Create your own tee shirt shop.

Image Kind – Sell posters, greeting cards and canvas prints.


VideoHive – Sell video footage.

Compete or bid to get projects

99 designs – Compete against other designers on real projects to win cash prizes.

crowdSPRING – Compete for design projects. – Bid on projects in a variety of categories including graphic design and web design.

DesignFirms – Promote your design firm and have clients approach you.

Cerizmo – Sell digital products in your own store.

Zooppa – Create ads and compete against other designers to win cash prizes.

Minted –Design contests.


Digital Point – Huge forum to buy and sell stuff.

Red Bubble – Sell art, tee shirts and greeting cards.

Artist Rising – An artwork marketplace that includes photography and digital art.

Artbreak – Sell paintings, drawings and photos.

CoSwap – Unique concept.  Swap your designs, illustrations or code or simply sell them.

I Vote For Art – Show your artwork and receive votes.

Zazzle – Design for different products.

My client’s website is here:

Ana Banet Designs

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