Cheapest UK domain names with good support

1 and 1 offer the cheapest UK domain names with prices starting from as little as £0.99   Their current offer on hosting is very good too with just £2.49 per month for the first 3 months.  Even with a 12 month contract this makes it considerably cheaper than most other hosting.  No discount code is required for this offer.

In our experience, they are reliable and have up-front pricing on both domain pricing and hosting. Tech support is via email or a local call rate number. Despite the number taking you through to a call centre, the quality of support we received was generally higher than most registrars. Support emails tend to be replied to within 24 hours.



One thought on “Cheapest UK domain names with good support

  1. I have always had great support from one and one. The UK prices for domain names are about as cheap as you can find.

    I had their hosting for my 3 small websites but your servint review made me change over to them. I kept the one and one domain name services but hosted on Servint and just changed the nameservers.

    I’m sorted on everything now!

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