Improve and test your iPhone 3G and 3Gs signal quality

Iphone Signal Strength Quality 3gsMany users have reported dropped calls on their iPhone either straight out of the box or after updating to the latest firmware.  Apple have been improving their service worldwide but some carriers are still finding that their customers are a bit annoyed after spending all that money for something that doesn’t make phone calls…..

If you are getting signal issues, try our top 4 tips and tricks guide to getting a better signal and alleviating those dropped calls:


Test your iPhone signal reception with the “Field Test”.

Tap on the Phone application, select Keypad.  Type:


then press the Call button. You will see the Field Test main menu and some mumber indicating the strength of the signal (in decibels) where the graphical signal display once was. Note: the higher the number, the better – remember these are minus numbers so “-60” is better than “-80”.

Note: On later iterations of the 3GS and iPhone 4, the Field Test does not work.

Use the iPhone’s headphones

Since the wired headphones supplied with the phone act as an antenna, wearing them can improve signal strength.  It is them and not your head that are acting as an aerial (although much is still to be proven about the effects of mobile phones!).  Sometimes you can visually see the signal jump up as you connect these.

Turn off the iPhone’s 3G

Turning off the 3G reception often helps signal strength.  However, turning it on when you want to browse the Web is quite honestly a chore and some have even gone so far as to write an app to help make this a few taps instead of many.

Hold your iPhone a certain way!

The antennas for the iPhone are located at the bottom of the phone on the inside. By holding the bottom of the phone you obstruct the signal.  Holding nearer the top or not at all can give a better signal strength.

If all else fails, use the landline.  Seriously though, come on Apple, the iPhone really is a beautiful gadget but spoilt by the irregular signal strength.

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