iPhone 4 signal reception problems

iPhone 4 signal reception problem antenna

A pair of dissatisfied customers have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple.  This is because of signal reception problems in the iPhone 4.  More will doubtless follow.

Since the arrival of the latest iPhone Apple’s new baby has been plagued with reports of reception problems.  Apple has even made the terrible mistake of telling users to hold the device differently…..OOPS!

Under the sale of goods act, customers left with a device that cannot be used for its intended purpose are entitled to a full refund.

Kevin McCaffery and Linda Wrinn from Maryland USA filed the complaint against Apple and also AT&T.  They accuse the firms of negligence, defective design and manufacture, breach of warranty, fraud by concealment and deceptive trade practices.

Here’s a summary of the filing:

“Plaintiffs were sold defective iPhone 4 units, which drops calls and data service when held in a manner consistent with normal wireless phone use.”  “Plaintiffs have experienced numerous dropped calls, and as a result, plaintiffs are left with a device that cannot be used for the normal purpose and in the normal manner in which such devices are intended to be used.”

Unlike the US, Apple stores in the UK do not charge a restocking fee and the filing states that the plaintiffs have been “unable to return the phone without incurring a substantial restocking fee”.

Bad publicity like this often hurts sales and the US media have been quick to pickup on this.

I’d love to see the iPhone 4 with its bugs ironed out as quickly as possible as it is making goood headway in innovation, design and style for the mobile market.  As usual, it’s the early adopters getting their fingers burnt…..

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