Royal Wedding viruses hit users

With the royal wedding in full swing here inthe UK, many internet users are searching the latest news, gossip and videos for information.  Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of PCs passing through our repair departments riddled with spyware, viruses and Trojans caused by downloading software that comes from dubious sources. Royal wedding hoax alerts Continue reading

W3 total cache security and performance issues

There have been a lot of problems recently with this popular WordPress plugin. Many users report that W3 Total Cache was having some serious security and performance issues Fortunately, it’s still actively developed and there is a new version of W3 Total Cache available for download or auto-update within the WordPress admin console. Here’s a Continue reading

Every issue of Popular Science Magazine – FREE!

Yup, you read it right. Google have now given us this rare & well hidden treat of every issue of Popular Science Magazine now online and easy to look at. There’s some brilliant stuff and they really are a snapshot in time. Take a peek here

Change Windows startup sound to a voice

You know in all those futuristic films where computers speak to their owners? Ever wondered if you can actually get yours to welcome you in this way? Well let’s have a go at doing this and see what we can use it for. This should work on Windows from XP upwards. If you have security Continue reading

iPhone 4 signal reception problems

A pair of dissatisfied customers have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple.  This is because of signal reception problems in the iPhone 4.  More will doubtless follow. Since the arrival of the latest iPhone Apple’s new baby has been plagued with reports of reception problems.  Apple has even made the terrible mistake of telling Continue reading

Stephen Fry on copyright and piracy

I was quite amazed to hear Stephen Fry, one of England’s more prominent figures in the media, talking openly about copyright and piracy. Like him or loathe him, he seems to be doing a lot for the electronic industry and his comments often make sense of confusing situations and grey areas.  Here’s an audio snippet Continue reading

Free Kindle books download on Amazon

This is a LIVE feed of the top 10 free kindle books that you can download on Amazon. Bookmark this page and check back for free Kindle downloads daily! [RSSImport display=”10″ feedurl=”″ displaydescriptions=”false” html=”true” start_items=”” end_items=”” paging=”false” ]   Please feel free to comment if you get a good free ebook and drop the Amazon Continue reading

Minecraft suffering DOS attacks from hackers

Minecraft, the multiplayer, block-destroying game has had a serious DOS attack. Although as yet unproven, it is believed to be the work of the hacker group ‘Anonymous’.  The servers did go down but are currently back up and running. Another group, LulzSec, have been finger-pointed too and they are now taking ‘site hacking requests’!  Their Continue reading

LastPass hack causes password problems – offline mode suggested

LastPass has been subject to a serious hack attack. If you are getting errors where LastPass cannot log you in then your first step is to attempt a login via the plugin AND via the website immediately afterwards. LP stated that significant traffic had left one of its primary servers – traffic that could have Continue reading

Royal wedding Google Street View icon

To celebrate William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding, Google showed its sense of humour and showed this Street View icon which is normally a little man. The new, temporary icon reveals a miniature bride and groom and gives particular attention to detail on even the most mundane of icons. You have to admire Google’s persistence Continue reading