Stephen Fry on copyright and piracy

Stephen Fry speaks out on piracyI was quite amazed to hear Stephen Fry, one of England’s more prominent figures in the media, talking openly about copyright and piracy. Like him or loathe him, he seems to be doing a lot for the electronic industry and his comments often make sense of confusing situations and grey areas.  Here’s an audio snippet of his views about copyright, eventually leading to the adage that we have all pirated something at some point in time. Not strictly true for many people but not far off for most PC users I visit.

I believe that the industry DOES need a shake up (should that read “wake up call”?) and agree that using initiative and modern free delivery mediums can spark sales and growth, but is that within the grasp of most people? Imagination is one thing but I wonder if that may be stifled when the artist or performer requires major funds to create viral campaigns and shameless self-promotion.


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