TweetAttacks review – best auto tweeter

Tweet Attacks review discount codeHere is my TweetAttacks review.  This powerful program can be used for mass Tweeting campaigns as an inexpensive and effective marketing method. Of all the mass-tweeting software programs, the best I have tested (and there has been quite a few) has to be TweetAttacks. Now on its second major update it is the most fully featured Twitter tool out there.  Here are some of the clever features:


  • List importing functions
  • Can filter bots and humans
  • NO monthly fees, just a one off charge
  • Can use unlimited accounts
  • Build many thousands of followers with no API limit problems
  • Free lifetime updates
  • You can drive huge amounts of real traffic without followers
  • Get results without being followed
  • Send direct messages to your own followers with a few clicks
  • Schedule thousands of ‘tweets’ without hitting API limits
  • Reply to huge amounts of users looking for your offers automatically
  • Compatible with  #newtwitter


With all these features it takes a few days to get into, but consequently you discover new and improved ways of mass tweeting.  For those doing CPC or CPA marketing, the killer feature is the fact you can pick up on people tweeting “I need an iPad 2” or “I have a problem with…”  This is worth the money alone, targeted marketing at its best.


TweetAttacks backlinking bonuses

When your link gets retweeted by hundreds of other Twitter users, the tweet will be listed in quite a few Tweet statistic sites. This should give you many many backlinks and boost your site’s rankings.

UNFORTUNATELY, Tweet Attacks is no longer available. What has replaced this as our go-to tool of choice is Bleupage. We shelled out (yes it is expensive) for the Bleupage Ultimate version which in the long term has increased our followers and user interactions by thousands. No other tool we have used has given us this much versatility, but because of the price we realise it’s not for everyone. Still, if you can run to it then it would benefit your website or product immensely and save you hundreds of hours of messing about getting nowhere. Visit Bleupage Main Website for an overview

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