Gigabyte SKT-AM3 GA-880GM-UD2H Motherboard

Just built up this system today for a customer. It uses a very nice motherboad from Gigabyte, the GA-880GM-UD2DH. For a top notch system at a great price point, this is currently my pick.

I dropped in an AMD Phenom II processor which can happily run at hugely overclocked speeds with this board. Add 4GB or more of quality DDR3 12800 RAM and you have a great system, rock solid, ready to run Win 7 64-bit at blistering speeds.

Twin SATA II 500GB drives allowed for huge storage but most people would be OK with a single 500GB drive.

Here’s the components I used, add your own DVD drive, case, PSU etc.

GA-880GM-UD2H motherboard

Amd phenom 1055T

ddr3 12800

Windows 7 Premium 64 bit

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