Firewire PCI cards

Firewire PCI cards (also know as 1394a FireWire adapter cards) turn a free motherboard PCI slot into ine or more external IEEE 1394a FireWire slots.  They often provide an internal (6-pin) FireWire port that can be used in place of the external 6-pin connector. By doing this, you have a cost effective solution that lets you connect any FireWire 400 device to your tower or desktop computer.

Firewire PCI cards are a great solution for connecting external portable hard drives, digital camcorders, iPods, MP3 players etc to your PC. Many FireWire adapter cards support hot-swap which allows you to plug and unplug your FireWire peripherals without powering down.

Compatible with either Mac or PC computers,  1394a FireWire cards can be installed in many computer cases, just check you have low profile or “half-height” brackets if you have a shallow case.

For FireWire video editing, often the card will include a bundled copy of a video editing studio such as Ulead although there are many free programs that exist now to help you do basic video editing.


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