External 1TB hard drives at discount prices

Seagate external hard drive review

Seagate 1tb external hard drive review. You can get these 1 TeraByte (1TB) hard drives at incredible prices this month:

Seagate Expansions 1TB

This is a super slick USB2.0 drive that has good transfer rates and nice packaging.  It sits on rubber feet so suffers no vibration problems and looks good on any desk.  Easy ‘plug and go’ setup and Seagate reliability.  Highly recommended.

Best price on Seagate 1TB hard drive

Western Digital Elements 1TB

With USB 2.0 and 7200rpm this drive is very keenly priced.  The gloss case means it sits nicely on your desk, ready to backup your docs, photos etc.  Performance is pretty good and we only noticed a small hum when searching for and copying files.   Quiet, cool and comes with a 2 year warranty.  Currently on free delivery via Amazon.

Best price on Western Digital Elements hard drive

3 thoughts on “External 1TB hard drives at discount prices

  1. sweet! Ive been looking for a backup drive for my old pics and vids for a while now and as I have just ordered a new PC this should come in handy to move all my files across to my new rig!

    I went with the slightly more expensive Seagate one as they are the market leaders in storage imo!

  2. Have ordered the Western Digital. Have always had WD drives and they have never let me down. Last one was a WD ‘Book’ that has now gone to my second PC. This 1TB drive is half the price of my last 320GB ext drive so it’s a very good deal. Haven’t found it cheaper than that anywhere and free delivery is a bonus.

    Avoid Iomega drives, my son is on his 3rd replacement.

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