Cheapest .info domain – less than 50 cents

Hard to believe you can buy the cheapest .info domain for less than 50 cents for a whole year, but it’s true.  Here’s a walkthrough of how to achieve this, no matter what country you are in.

Login to GoDaddy or create a free account here.

Note: If you are resident in the US then you would skip this next step…

If you don’t live in the US, set your account to default to payment in dollars. Do this by clicking on the ‘My Account’ menu, then selecting ‘My Account’, ‘Account Settings’ and on the right side select ‘Currency Preference’ to Dollars.

Now search for a domain that isn’t likely to be taken. I do this using the .co option from the dropdown. Now, check if the .info domain is available at this point, it’s displayed on the screen at the top. If it is then great, if not then try another search.

When happy, add the .co domain to the cart, then go through the required options by clicking the ‘Next’ button (such as Domain Registration Settings, Domain Settings, Domain Protection). It’s after this that you’re offered the .info domain at $0.49 in a little yellow panel. I tick the box next to it that immediately adds it to my basket. Now we have the .co and the .info in there.  It’s a simple matter of removing the .co domain and there you have it, a .info for $0.49

Bulk order .info domains

Since GoDaddy has a minimum order of $1 you can go up to the Domains menu and select Bulk Domain Registration to add a list of other .infos you wish to purchase. Selecting .info here is fine because we have locked in the price to $0.49

Cheapest .info domain to flip or use for IM

If you are planning to resell (flip) these domains or use them for Internet Marketing then it makes sense to buy multiples at the same time. As a rough guide, by using this method a hundred domains would cost less than $50 instead of $800 for the .coms, a saving of $750!!

Enjoy your new cheap .info domain and drop me a line if it helped you save some money

Link to GoDaddy main screen

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