Remove Show as Slideshow from NextGen gallery

If you are using the brilliant NextGen Gallery WordPress plugin, you may find that an annoying default setting causes ‘Show as Slideshow’  to be seen above images.  To remove this, there’s no code editing required, just do the following:

In the WordPress back end, go to Gallery, Options, Click on the ‘Gallery’ tab at the top.

Untick, ‘Integrate Slideshow’.  Save changes.

That’s it!

WordPress could not create directory or copy file

WordPress errors after setting up a new installation on the server can include these:

Downloading update from
Unpacking the update
Could not create directory.: /public_html
Installation Failed

Downloading update from
Unpacking the update
Verifying the unpacked files
Installing the latest version
Could not copy file.: /public_html/wp-admin/css/
Installation Failed

They are generally permission based errors and can be resolved by changing permissions (CHMOD) of the following folders to 777:

In wp-content there are 4 folders (plugins, themes, upgrade, uploads).
You can use a decent FTP program for this. I use and recommend the free WINSCP from here:

It’s very stable and supports FTP, SFTP and SCP.