As you are probably aware, websites cost a lot of money to maintain. There’s the design, hosting, domain renewals, maintenance and more. That’s why we rely on our users to donate to keep this resource alive for you and others.

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What does donating do?

It pays for valuable website hosting and maintenance, without which we wouldn’t be here helping you and others to find solutions to time-consuming and expensive-to-repair problems.


How much should I donate?

We suggest a donation of £15 (about $22) but please donate as little or as much as you feel you can. Please bear in mind that the cost of repairing your PC by a professional would be significantly more, around £35 to £80 an hour.  Even a few pounds for a Starbucks will keep me caffeine charged enough to write advice that helps someone else!


I can’t afford to donate but would like to

Well there is another way. Next time you want to buy from Amazon, use our store. It’s powered by Amazon and gives us a little slice of Amazon’s profit. It costs you no more and you still get the same guarantees and service you would get if you went direct to Amazon.  Here’s a link to our store  please bookmark it once there.


Can I send a thank-you email too?

Of course, we’re always glad to know we helped. Use this form to contact us


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