TuneUp utilities 2011 review

I’m not a fan of utilities that tweak Windows system settings.  I have had to repair lots of PCs that have not restarted as a result of a ‘Registry Cleaner’ scan or ‘Drive maintenance’ program.  I usually repair the computer and advise the client never to go near one again.

When I installed a copy of TuneUp utilities 2011, I investigated and found that the utilities actually worked and did what they said they’d do. Quite a surprise really!

Most slowdowns on startup are from loading unnecessary services and programs and this is an area where TuneUp 2011 has tried to target.  It has a novel method, Program Deactivator,  which tests if a program is causing errors by allowing the user to temporarily deactivate it.  This is a one-shot method and it reverts to normal operation afterwards, useful if your program is critical and should not be unloaded.

Turbo mode stops all background processes and gives priority to certain tasks, useful if you want to maximise your allocated memory to a program (eg memory-hungry programs like 3D modelling or CAD etc).

With a plethora of defragmenting and system maintenance tools, it offers good value. I quite like their unique deactivation and turbo modes which other tweakers don’t have and the whole program feels well-written and robust.  There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.  The licence is for up to 3 PCs.

Click the image below to visit the TuneUp Utilities site for more information:

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