Cheapest USB Print Servers wired and wireless

Using a print server means that you have a dedicated device, always-on, waiting for any computer to connect to the printer. Because the shift has gone over to USB in recent years instead of the older parallel cable method, most people will be looking for a USB print server.  The other option is to buy a network capable printer but if you already have the printer then it makes sense to share it using a print server.

Print servers come in network-cabled, wireless or a combination of both. If you already have a wireless router then it makes sense to buy a cabled print server.  If the printer is in a room away from the router then you should consider buying a wireless print server.  These can be run independently of your router or they can often communicate with it to achieve the same end result.

PCRepairMan’s Top Tips

  • If you have a multi-function printer (eg “All-in-one” scanner/copier etc), check for compatibility if you still want to be able to scan to the PC.
  • Ensure that the print server is compatible with your printer

Here is a list of the cheapest print servers currently available on Ebay:

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