Asus 1GB GeForce GTX 560TI PCI-E Graphics Card

This Asus Geforce GTX 560TI PCI Express graphics card gives absolutely stunning performance. This is an amazing card for the price. I have just installed 2 of these in SLI for a customer. SLI, for those of you who don’t know, is nVidia’s Scalable Link Interface which allows parallel processing for computer graphics.

In the box alongsde the card you get a mini HDMI to standard HDMI adapter, power splitter cable, VGA adapter and a few screws. I upgraded the software immediately rather than use the supplied CD as the software on it is often out of date. For this you’ll simply need to visit the nVidia website.

Installation was painless, dropping neatly into the PCI-E slot and linking with the supplied splitter cable to the PSU.  Because this was a twin card setup I installed the second Asus GeForce GTX 560TI PCI-E  card and then the SLI bridge. On bootup, I installed the software and then in the nVidia Control Panel I activated the SLI option. Nothing else to do, that’s as straighforward as an installation can be.


Asus Geforce 1GB GTX 560TI performance

This card setup was averaging a very respectable 85fps in our benchmarks which blows away anything else in this price range. There isn’t currently any game that this card wouldn’t slice through on the graphics. Very impressive.

Verdict? Buy this card before the price goes up!

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