No Hands SEO review – SEO on autopilot!

No hands seo aims to be the dream of all webmasters.  When you consider that there are hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies all battling over the same space in the top of the search rankings, it's little wonder why SEO is such big business. For the person taking their first steps into SEO, it's a hugely daunting task and one which can put people off within the first few hours.

So inventing a tool that runs on autopilot must be the ultimate aim for many software companies, but until now, users needed more than just a passing knowledge of SEO and more than just a tiny bit of common sense to do more good than harm to their website.

Enter No Hands SEO, a unique little product that doesn't preach that it will do anything other than that which it can do. So what does this little program do and is there really something as simple as hands free SEO? Here's our review of the tool which we installed on our test Windows 7, 64bit PC.

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No hands SEO Review

Well, installation was straightforward enough. You can go for the trial download or the full purchase. We went for the full purchase as it was cheap enough and we had heard great things about this software.  Once the payment details went through we were presented with a page where we could choose from different downloads.  There is a portable version which we haven't tested yet but this means that we could effectively run our SEO efforts from any PC, anywhere. We pressed on with the installation and were pleased to see it offered a link on finishing to the user manual.  We didn't opt for this however, as most users will probably be itching to get their hands on No Hands SEO. Now there's a play on words if ever I saw one....

So after installation, the program starts up and goes off for an update. I like this feature, it means you are sure to be running the latest version no matter how old your installation files. Here's the updater screen:

No Hands SEO updater
Nice to see an updater run after installation!



Here are our findings for and against.....



  • NHS can be heavy on system resources on lower spec PCs.
  • It will definitely gobble up your broadband bandwidth if you load it up with lots of profiles



  • It builds backlinks while you are sleeping
  • Completely hands-free (no hands seo!) after the initial setup
  • It automatically posts blog comments and trackbacks
  • It pings whois sites from its built-in lists
  • It harvests link targets
  • If you have Scrapebox, Xrumer or another tool it will build auto approve lists for you
  • Excellent, helpful and knowledgable support


It can't do everything that Scrapebox, SeNuke XCR or Xrumer can (but then who can?) but in particular, and this is my only real gripe, it will not create forum profile backlinks. That said, fire up a gig on Friskk or Fiverr and you'll get this done incredibly cheaply.

You can be sure that the author of the software is working pretty hard to make this a great tool, concentrating on extreme ease of use for seasoned pros as well as beginners. Hey, we all need  a bit of extra time in the day! Tasks that can be automated always frustrate me when they have to be manually done, so this is a

No hands SEO - Conclusion

The new kid on the software SEO block has come in with a resounding bang and shaken some of the bigger players.  This software is impressive and in our testing over a few days managed to create an incredible number of backlinks from various quality sites, some with low pagerank to those of very high rank and respectability. Watching as the backlinks come pouring in without spending a penny more on freelancers or SEO packages gives you a nice, warm feeling. Our thousands of backlinks were created within a few days by No Hands SEO and setup time was probably 20 minutes from installation to our first run.

We believe that this software will be big and with that comes the probability of a severe price hike from less than $100 to several hundred or a monthly subscription. Early adopters will get upgrades free so it pays to get in early on this one. Look at Xrumer's pricing structure for example and you can see that a monthly subscription makes it a very costly investment.

Verdict? Buy No Hands SEO now and take advantage of a great tool with excellent support before the price goes up.